Why trust Équin Communication

Équin Communication provides consulting and training in equine behaviour. Our mission is to promote the well-being of equines living in domestication. We offer training programs and intervention strategies to support horses while helping solve their behavioural problems.

Our team

Sandy Letarte


Sandy Letarte is a graduate of the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire du Québec (ITAQ). The largest French-language agricultural technological training center in North America. Letarte went on to establish Équin Communication. She’s an Equine technician specialized in behaviour, and she’s been working in the field for more than 25 years.


From the start, Sandy Letarte immersed herself in horse watching : systematically observing interactions between male and female of all ages, living in various groups of domesticated and semi-wild herds.


The data she collected allowed her to see the link between modes of communication of horses living in semi-wild herds and that of domesticated herds. Through this research, Letarte was able to demonstrate the merits of applying this knowledge on horses living in close contact with humans.


Sandy Letarte's expertise in the field of equine behaviour extends well beyond field intervention, which produces astonishing results. She is asked to offer training and invited to speak about her work. In order to meet the demands, she ​​founding Équin Communication, which has two main objectives:


-Better communication between horses and humans;

-and the resolution of behavioural problems in equines.


Discover the web series Parlons cheval (Let’s Speak Horse) based on Sandy Letarte’s approac

Theoretical section

Hélène Roche


Ethologist Hélène Roche is well known for her scientific vulgarization of equine behaviour. It was therefore important to include her teachings, which you will find in the Equine Behaviour Practitioner - Level I course.

Sophie Côté, Ph.D.


Psychologist with an expertise in therapeutic memory reconsolidation in humans and animals, Dr. Sophie Côté teaches the basics of therapeutic memory reconsolidation in animals, which allows us to understand the profound impact of our interventions on emotional memory in order to achieve truly transformative change that alters the patterns that cause the horse' behaviour and psychological state.


You will find Dr. Côté in the Equine Behaviour Practitioner - Level I course, in a section focused on understanding the neuroscience behind the effectiveness of the therapeutic intervention on equine behaviour.

Also certified as a Level I Equine Behaviour Practitioner, and in training to obtain her Level II certification, her teachings are enriched by her field work.

Isabelle Kleber


Isabelle Kleber lives and works in France, where she uses the method developed by Sandy Letarte on a daily basis when accompanying horses with behavioural problems. Many individuals, equestrian centers, and racehorse owners trust her to help their horses.

Kleber’s work benefits from her training at Équin Communication and her certification in Coaching and Equicoaching (https://www.nevada-formation.com/). She also works with humans as "the human component of deviant equine behaviour must be addressed for a lasting result".

You will find Isabelle Kleber in the French Equine Behaviour Practitioner course - Level I.

Léa Roussot


Léa Roussot, is a specialist in the adaptation and adjustment of bits, bridles and saddles according to the morphology of the horse.

You will find Léa Roussot in the Equine Behaviour Practitioner – Level II course where she teaches essential concepts to spot unsuitable equipment and ill-fitting tack.

Practical component

Claudia Parent


Naturotherapist for animals, Claudia holds a degree in animal homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy (BIH). She was part of the first group to take Équin Communication’s training program. Since then, she has been training horses for the saddle and solving behavioural problems in the Bas St-Laurent region. She also participated in the web series, Parlons Cheval.

Stéphane Botella


Originally from France, Stéphane Botella moved to Quebec in 2005 and works as an equine behaviour consultant in the Mauricie region. Forestry technician by training, Botella also works with horses for wood pulling and skidding, and so he was keen to understand equine behaviour better. His work has been enriched by the teachings provided at Équin Communication. He offers a range of services; starting horses under saddle, resolving behaviour problems in the saddle or in harness.

France Fortin


Certified by ABC Hoofcare, in Oregon (U.S.A.), France Fortin improved with the method developed by Sandy Letarte. Her equine rehabilitation center, located in the Eastern Townships, helps horses who require special care.

Thanks to her training at Équin Communication, France’s work shows great respect for horses. Whether it is a podiatric or a behavioural problem, your horse will be treated with professionalism.